New York Fashion Week SS17 - My Highlights

It's started, the semi-annual, month-long fashion showcase. London Fashion Week is in full swing and New York has come to an end. Here are just a few of my personal highlights from NY Fashion Week which might just be making an impact on my wardrobe.

Prabal Gurung

His philosophy has always been modern, luxurious, style and glamour which he continues to give us season after season. I adore the mixture of thin textured knits and plush silk, particularly on the blocked dresses with the slightly off matching colour. Also, the shoes, THE SHOES.

Victoria Beckham

Her latest collection appears to be more relaxed. The wide legged slacks, deconstructed collar lines (my personal favourite detail in the collection and one to watch for the season), casual pleated skirts and colourful knitted dresses. Several of the pieces appear to be versatile with the ability to layer them and that for me, is a complete bonus.

Carolina Herrera

Deconstructed shoulder lines, nipped in waists and tiered skirts or dresses...Carolina Herrera picks up on some key themes scene across the week. With hints of that classic 80s androgyny in the silhouettes of several pieces whilst holding a feminine elegance. I'm a sucker for a staple wardrobe and a girl can't do without a classic summer dress.

Oscar de la Renta

They may have lost Peter Copping as Creative Director earlier this year, not long after Oscar de la Renta's passing, yet those at the helm closing the gap for when Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia start were able to stick to the roots of the fashion house - beautifully striking evening gowns. The exaggerated ruffles, layers and playful sleeves are something to adore.

Let's Get Organised

I'm going to put my hands up; I have been terrible on the blog post front. I said to myself when the New Year came round that I would post more and set time aside. January has flown by and my main focus has been not giving in to my vice - smoking. It has now officially been over a month since I had my last cigarette! In that time I have been trying to keep myself distracted but with little organisation of the things I would like to achieve.

I love my phone for keeping me up to date with appointments (when I've had the time and initiative to put them in my calendar) but there's just some things which for me, I need to see in front of me, pen and paper. I've already seen several people speak positively of these and I'm one of them as well - a weekly planner pad for your desk.

Kikki-K 'Minimalist' Weekly Planner Pad

Kikki-K is a fantastic stationary business influenced by Swedish design with a store now in London. They offer a range of planner pads from the Minimalist weekly planner at just £6.00 to ones for those wanting to get organised with studying or even diet. As someone who is often highly anxious, I need routine in my day-to-day life and sometimes that little nudge to stop me from procrastinating - a weekly planner helps me with just that. 

A website I have used several times for finding original items is Not On The High Street and if you do a quick search for 'planner pad' you'll be surprised with just how many come up. I particularly liked the Brushstrokes planner by Nancy & Betty Studio for a mere £3.00! Their selection of original cards are also pretty adorable. 

Nancy & Betty 'Brushstrokes' and 'Monochrome Floral' Weekly Planner Pad

I'm someone due to working a mixture of days and nights, who can easily get confused with what day it is. Yep, at nearly 25 years old I forget what day it is. In my previous post about Desk Spaces, I spoke about the Habitat Flap Clock which I hoped would help solve this issue. I had an unfortunate experience where I picked up a design fault and wasn't entirely sure whether I made the right decision when my parents asked me what I'd like for Christmas and I said the Habitat Clock. Surprisingly, it looks like Habitat has listened to customer reviews (the turning mechanism for the city part of the clock was made of plastic and had a tendency to snap) and found a resolution for the issue. Now the cities come screwed into position (note the cities are now where the date is on the one below) and I couldn't be happier with my clock. 

Habitat Flap Clock sourced from Urbnite

I had planned on purchasing a wall calendar if the Habitat clock lets me down again. From my blog it's easy to see my love for minimalist design which is why it's easy to see why the Standing Calendar attracted me.

Stendig Calendar -

Maximo Vignelli's design is one that has withstood the test of design, it continues to be a favourite among interior enthusiastic and businesses. I decided to miss out on the opportunity to get one for this year as I figured I had my clock to keep in me in check (and not enough wall space for one). If you're hoping to snap one up though, sadly now they all appear to be sold out. 

Now, I read that one of the ways to organise yourself is by decluttering regularly and giving everything a home. This is something I definitely need to get in the habit of. I have officially run out of hangers for clothes in my wardrobe that I am now in the predicament of ordering more or actually going through all the boxes of clothes under my bed and throwing some away to make room for the excess - this is probably what I should do but it's finding the time. Something I have promised myself that I will do is order a Le Sac En Papier for the corner of mine and my boyfriend's room where we chuck all our dirty clothes so it's hidden behind the door. It's a simple and stylish alternative to generally just having clothes lying on the floor for just £8.50. I will say to make us look less grubby that we do actually have a linen basket but that has sort of been taken over by more excess clothes of mine....can see the issue now can't  you! Head over to pea {style} where you snap up this effortlessly stylish bargain.

Le Sac En Papier from pea {style}

The final resource which I am using to get myself that little bit more organised is the Unroll.Me app. I am someone who in the past has signed up to far too many emails and have lost my account to the dreaded weekly, almost daily, updates from different things which the majority now are not relevant to me. Amongst this emails which are important to me get lost and this is where Unroll.Me comes in. Unroll.Me is an app which you simply download and subscribe (for free of course) and then it will take you through some steps. You can decide with one click which emails you wish to unsubscribe to, ones you want to digest into one email and as they call it a 'roll up' which they will send you for the whole day. I can't recommend this more to anyone else suffering from those unwanted emails and without the time to sit there and click through all the unsubscribe questions.

Unroll.Me -

**For some reason I've been having issues with Blogger e.g crediting photos and the font size staying the same (apologies for the normal to small font if anyone noticed haha) - anyone else having the same issue?

Topshop Winter '16 Haul

I've been a bit MIA recently thanks to starting a new job recently. If you follow me on Instagram then you will already be well aware of this (and I might do a little post about my career change and how I managed to land my dream job in the space of 9 months).

Working for Topshop/Topman means that come every new season you need to be representing the brand as 'fashion with authority'. Here are just a few of my picks for this Winter '16:

Clockwise: Metallic Jumper by Boutique, Fine Stripe Mensy Fit Trousers by Boutique, Oversized Funnel Neck Jumper, Boiled Wool Skirt by Boutique, Tiny Pleat Top by Boutique, Magnificent Ankle Sock Boots.

It's probably clear that from my selection...I adore Topshop Boutique. It's description for the season of bringing 'inimitable cool to the holiday season with pyjama tailoring and decadent dresses' sums it up perfectly. 

I'm never usually a glittery sparkles Christmas kinda gal, but I couldn't resist this Metallic Jumper for £60 because it's not only eye catching but the shape is tailored to perfection. I'm a huge fan of tailoring especially on a good trouser which is why I think I was drawn to the Mensy Trousers at £85. The beauty of these is that they are high waister AND comfortable. I've often found that high waisted tailored trousers can fit everywhere else well apart from my waist and then I'm stuck in the limbo of do I go for a size bigger and loose the shape or just not eat or sit in them. Practicality is always more important in my books though. 

Now, this Oversized Funnel Neck Jumper (£39) I have basically lived in since I bought it. The collar is effortlessly chic and the boxy shape makes it the warmest, slouchy jumper I own. I've been wearing it so far without a shirt on underneath and have still been warm...I have a fair bit of doubt though that it will last like this over the next few months what with this Arctic weather we're having right now. 

I had my eye on the Boiled Wool Skirt for quite a while, always seeing it styled differently in store on the mannequin and every time making me want it more after seeing just how versatile it is. The tailoring on it is so much more than your average Topshop skirt and with the £80 price tag plus being made in Britain you would expect that. 

Next is the the Tiny Pleat Top, if I'm honest I bought a slightly different one to this which wasn't part of the Boutique range and definitely cheaper than £35. Unfortunately I couldn't find it listed on the site still and this was the closest example I could find to it! I bought the same on in white last season and love the top, mainly because of the cut of it and how it falls when on thanks to the pleats. 

Last but not least, the Magnificent Ankle Sock Boots which for the first time in a long while I squealed like a little girl over. They look gorgeous off and gorgeous on your feet too. I think several of us girls at work ended up going for them because we all just couldn't say no haha. They come in at £79 but are well worth it if you are looking to invest in a good, durable boot for the Winter season. I've worn these with basically everything e.g. skirts, culottes, jeans, name it. As lame as it sounds, I really do recommend these. 

'Daytime Rebels' Schon! Magazine

I've been a bit busy the past few weeks with going away on holiday and finally moving into my new flat! Following all of this, I'm pretty chuffed to see that a photoshoot I was able to assist on for Schon! Magazine has now gone live. 

'Daytime Rebels' is a Schon! online editorial and all about carefree youth produced by an amazing team including photographer Tyler Morris, styling by Francesca Prudente, make-up Fiona Rose, hair styling Kristopher Smith and models Ed Hayter from Models1 and Tia Benbow-Hart from Supa Model Management.

Here's a few of the photos below and if you'd like to check out the whole thing, then head over to Schon! Magazine by clicking here.

Tia wears: Dress - Coach, Jacket - Adidas. Ed wears: Jumper - Margaret Howell. 

Tia wears: Jackets - Adidas

Ed wears: Polo - Cos, Jacket - Fred Perry

Tia wears: Dress - Calvin Klein, Hat - H&M

Ed wears: Jumper - Coach

Tia wears: Coat, Polo Neck and Skirt by Topshop Unique

Ed wears: Jacket & Jumper by Topman Design

Tia wears: Dress - Lacoste, Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood. Ed wears: Jacket, Jumper & Trousers by Topman Design.

Desk Space

After a stressful two weeks of searching for a flat with my boyfriend and our friends who are also a couple, we have finally found the perfect place and secured it as ours.

Something I am quite excited about is the fact the new bedroom my boyfriend and I will share is big enough for my cherished desk which has been sitting in my parents garage for a pretty long time now.  I've been seeing lots of photos on Instagram of other people's desk spaces and have been craving for the same space myself. Here are a few of the objects I hope to have in my own little area.

My desk is an older version of the white/beech Linnmon / Finnvard one which Ikea is currently selling for £70. The only difference between mine and the current version is that my table top has a glass corner with a fitted light (you had to buy it as an extra at the time) which provides the perfect spot for drawing or tracing. The easel legs are a brilliant space to keep extra bits and bobs but I personally like to keep it as clear as possible to have that minimal effect. 

As some of you may know from previous posts, I love my cacti's and I'm keen to have a little spot for them on my desk to provide a bit of greenery. 

I began following Catcooee a while ago on Instagram and fell in love with not only the beautiful items she post, but her designs. On her website: you will find plenty of lovely objects for your home and graphic prints. As an avid Disney fan, I have my heart set on the 'Mouse Remix' print which converted to pounds comes to £26.30. 

To keep myself organised, I tracked down the Kvissle desk organiser in the depths of the Ikea website. Whilst I save to buy either a bunch of Hay products to organise my desk or this one I found by L'atelier D'exercices, I felt that this was a good substitute for the time being. 

Photo credit: Mikkel Dahlstrom. Instagram - @mikkeldahlstroem

I've been banging on for ages to my boyfriend about how much I want a pin board again so I can have a calendar and all my 'things to do' up in front of me. Again, from Ikea there is the Vaggis noticeboard for a mere £4.50. Now, I wasn't sure if I wanted this up on the wall or on the desk along with the 'Mouse Reminx' print in a simple black frame. When I discovered the Interior Stylist and Photographer Mikkel Dahlstrom via The Poster Club's Instagram, his styling sort of fixed this dilemma for me and I am pretty sold on trying out layering these up on the desk and leaning against the wall. Also, I highly recommend the Fliqlo screensaver for Mac's as it perfectly compliments them. 

After that recommendation you might be questioning me and wondering why I would want the Flap clock from Habitat which is made my Fartech Corporation. The retro style analogue flip clock comes with a clear display of the time, month, date, day of the week, AM/PM and can display certain city names such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Oslo, catch my drift. This is probably the most pricey thing I would like at £60.00. Its size means it can easily placed on a shelf, desk or wall and I think this will be the object which takes the wall for me as it's quite effective and you can see from the photo below.

Photo Credit: Fartech Corporation Pintrest.

The next item you can find all over Etsy or eBay for a variety of prices, the cheapest I have found the Macbook marble case in a hard shell from a UK seller is £13.99. I'm also planning on getting the marble iPhone 6 case to satisfy my OCD with matching/symmetry.

Finally, the last object on the list and that's the Ranarp floor/reading lamp from Ikea again for £50. This I'll be going halves on with my boyfriend as it's something we both want for the room. I plan on styling this where the lamp is accessible to either my desk area or by the bed. 

Photo Credit: Instagram @blondeandbone

And last but not least, the chair. I adore the husband and wife designer duo Charles & Ray Eames. I would love to one day be able to afford one of the real mccoy Eames DSW Chair but sadly I don't have £333.00 spare to spend on a chair. The ESW Chair is like the one above but with wooden legs and I've been able to find replicas on eBay and Amazon for an amazing £29.99 with free postage and packaging. If I have some spare wall space I quite possibly will be investing on the Stendig Calendar by Simple Form which at $125.00 Australian dollars translates to £58.24, they are now taking pre-orders for 2016.

Kew Gardens

Earlier this week, it was my boyfriend's birthday so we ventured out to Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (on me).

I think over the years living in London and for several on my own, what started off as a few cacti's from Ikea to add some greenery to my flats because lets face it, being able to afford a flat in London on your own let alone with a garden is rare thing nowadays, soon spread to a little hobby of mine.

Obviously because of these factors, I got hyped up on all the plants and went a bit OTT with photos inside Kew. If you like looking at exotic plants, palaces, oh and walking a lot, then I would strongly recommend Kew for a visit. I've seen reviews where some have felt that the entry price is too expensive at £15 an adult but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when it actually took us a lot longer to get round the whole thing than I expected and was well worth the money in my opinion!

So I was able to narrow my millions of photos to these few and an OOTD as well.

The Palm House

The Palm House

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

Now for my OOTD:

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as I had hoped and a part of my regretted not wearing tights! I love my basics when it comes to tops and I've found Uniqlo as the perfect place for them. Not only because they are affordable but also pretty good quality. This Supima Cotton Modal Long Sleeve T-Shirt in 'Gray' set me back a very fare price of £9.90. It comes in a variety of colours and I won't lie, I have several of them in different colours so I can mix and match more. 

My faux leather jacket is from H&M, I bought this a few years back now but remember it was just under £30.00. 

The skirt is a recent purchase of mine and if I say so a complete bargain. It's from Cos and I found it hiding in the depths of the sale rail with 30% off the original price. To my surprise when I got to the till it was in fact 50% off and I strolled away with a skirt worth well over £50.00 for a lot less! Cos continue to add more items to their sale and with higher discount so I strongly recommend still giving it a shot.

Those close to me will know that I am a bit of a Disney nerd (yes at my age) and I cracked into buying a pair of the Vans x Disney collection. I decided on the grey Mickey Mouse slip-ons as I found them the most versatile in the collection to team up with outfits that I wear. At £52.00 they are a set back but in my eyes, totally worth it. 

My beloved Sandro bag was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It's one of those bags which is very deceiving to the eye as it looks like you won't fit much in it at all but in fact it's quite the opposite! When it comes to the price, all I know is that it was very expensive so it's a secret.