Kew Gardens

Earlier this week, it was my boyfriend's birthday so we ventured out to Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew (on me).

I think over the years living in London and for several on my own, what started off as a few cacti's from Ikea to add some greenery to my flats because lets face it, being able to afford a flat in London on your own let alone with a garden is rare thing nowadays, soon spread to a little hobby of mine.

Obviously because of these factors, I got hyped up on all the plants and went a bit OTT with photos inside Kew. If you like looking at exotic plants, palaces, oh and walking a lot, then I would strongly recommend Kew for a visit. I've seen reviews where some have felt that the entry price is too expensive at £15 an adult but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when it actually took us a lot longer to get round the whole thing than I expected and was well worth the money in my opinion!

So I was able to narrow my millions of photos to these few and an OOTD as well.

The Palm House

The Palm House

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

The Princess of Wales Conservatory

Now for my OOTD:

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as great as I had hoped and a part of my regretted not wearing tights! I love my basics when it comes to tops and I've found Uniqlo as the perfect place for them. Not only because they are affordable but also pretty good quality. This Supima Cotton Modal Long Sleeve T-Shirt in 'Gray' set me back a very fare price of £9.90. It comes in a variety of colours and I won't lie, I have several of them in different colours so I can mix and match more. 

My faux leather jacket is from H&M, I bought this a few years back now but remember it was just under £30.00. 

The skirt is a recent purchase of mine and if I say so a complete bargain. It's from Cos and I found it hiding in the depths of the sale rail with 30% off the original price. To my surprise when I got to the till it was in fact 50% off and I strolled away with a skirt worth well over £50.00 for a lot less! Cos continue to add more items to their sale and with higher discount so I strongly recommend still giving it a shot.

Those close to me will know that I am a bit of a Disney nerd (yes at my age) and I cracked into buying a pair of the Vans x Disney collection. I decided on the grey Mickey Mouse slip-ons as I found them the most versatile in the collection to team up with outfits that I wear. At £52.00 they are a set back but in my eyes, totally worth it. 

My beloved Sandro bag was a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It's one of those bags which is very deceiving to the eye as it looks like you won't fit much in it at all but in fact it's quite the opposite! When it comes to the price, all I know is that it was very expensive so it's a secret. 

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