Last year it was macrame plant hangers which stole my heart, this year I am all over plant stands. Living in London without a garden of my own means I've had to get creative with bringing the outdoors indoors and space. I probably have too many potted plants all over the room and some could do with a better home. The beauty of plant stands it that it not only displays your plants in a completely different way but can transform a plant to stand out against the others.

These are just a few of my favourites:

Ivy Muse is a Melbourne based brand who design plant stands and a variety of other botanical wares. Their stands aren't just beautiful but functional and it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the designs.

Quay - Ivy Muse 'Nightshade' Collection

Quay from the Nightshade collection is perfect for a variety of pot sizes and shapes as well as allowing space at the bottom for a tray where you could even put more plants. I was thinking a cacti or two personally.

This year we have seen geometric shapes become widely popular in interiors as forecasted. Ivy Muse have drawn inspiration from this and created the Geoscapes Collection. My favourite out of all of them has to be the Butterfly stand.

Butterfly - Ivy Muse ' Geoscapes' Collection

The Butterfly stand also has it's clever design hacks to it. It isn't just for one large pot but has space around it to allow smaller pots to fit in.

Both stands are set at a price of $170 ASD which equals to around £82, not that bad and they also ship worldwide!

Now a plant stand which is a lot more local can be found at the Goodhood Store in east London. Goodhood specialise in providing brands which are not based on current trends, but to their own brand identity. A long standing favourite store of mine since moving to London in 2009.

Ferm Living Small Plant Stand (Right)

The plant stand designed by Danish brand Ferm Living is a simple design and made out of iron which has been powder-coated. I think this picture shows just how much variety it has to offer with it's ability to hold pots in all shapes. Goodhood stock the smaller version on the right for an amazing £27.

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