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After a stressful two weeks of searching for a flat with my boyfriend and our friends who are also a couple, we have finally found the perfect place and secured it as ours.

Something I am quite excited about is the fact the new bedroom my boyfriend and I will share is big enough for my cherished desk which has been sitting in my parents garage for a pretty long time now.  I've been seeing lots of photos on Instagram of other people's desk spaces and have been craving for the same space myself. Here are a few of the objects I hope to have in my own little area.

My desk is an older version of the white/beech Linnmon / Finnvard one which Ikea is currently selling for £70. The only difference between mine and the current version is that my table top has a glass corner with a fitted light (you had to buy it as an extra at the time) which provides the perfect spot for drawing or tracing. The easel legs are a brilliant space to keep extra bits and bobs but I personally like to keep it as clear as possible to have that minimal effect. 

As some of you may know from previous posts, I love my cacti's and I'm keen to have a little spot for them on my desk to provide a bit of greenery. 

I began following Catcooee a while ago on Instagram and fell in love with not only the beautiful items she post, but her designs. On her website: you will find plenty of lovely objects for your home and graphic prints. As an avid Disney fan, I have my heart set on the 'Mouse Remix' print which converted to pounds comes to £26.30. 

To keep myself organised, I tracked down the Kvissle desk organiser in the depths of the Ikea website. Whilst I save to buy either a bunch of Hay products to organise my desk or this one I found by L'atelier D'exercices, I felt that this was a good substitute for the time being. 

Photo credit: Mikkel Dahlstrom. Instagram - @mikkeldahlstroem

I've been banging on for ages to my boyfriend about how much I want a pin board again so I can have a calendar and all my 'things to do' up in front of me. Again, from Ikea there is the Vaggis noticeboard for a mere £4.50. Now, I wasn't sure if I wanted this up on the wall or on the desk along with the 'Mouse Reminx' print in a simple black frame. When I discovered the Interior Stylist and Photographer Mikkel Dahlstrom via The Poster Club's Instagram, his styling sort of fixed this dilemma for me and I am pretty sold on trying out layering these up on the desk and leaning against the wall. Also, I highly recommend the Fliqlo screensaver for Mac's as it perfectly compliments them. 

After that recommendation you might be questioning me and wondering why I would want the Flap clock from Habitat which is made my Fartech Corporation. The retro style analogue flip clock comes with a clear display of the time, month, date, day of the week, AM/PM and can display certain city names such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Oslo, catch my drift. This is probably the most pricey thing I would like at £60.00. Its size means it can easily placed on a shelf, desk or wall and I think this will be the object which takes the wall for me as it's quite effective and you can see from the photo below.

Photo Credit: Fartech Corporation Pintrest.

The next item you can find all over Etsy or eBay for a variety of prices, the cheapest I have found the Macbook marble case in a hard shell from a UK seller is £13.99. I'm also planning on getting the marble iPhone 6 case to satisfy my OCD with matching/symmetry.

Finally, the last object on the list and that's the Ranarp floor/reading lamp from Ikea again for £50. This I'll be going halves on with my boyfriend as it's something we both want for the room. I plan on styling this where the lamp is accessible to either my desk area or by the bed. 

Photo Credit: Instagram @blondeandbone

And last but not least, the chair. I adore the husband and wife designer duo Charles & Ray Eames. I would love to one day be able to afford one of the real mccoy Eames DSW Chair but sadly I don't have £333.00 spare to spend on a chair. The ESW Chair is like the one above but with wooden legs and I've been able to find replicas on eBay and Amazon for an amazing £29.99 with free postage and packaging. If I have some spare wall space I quite possibly will be investing on the Stendig Calendar by Simple Form which at $125.00 Australian dollars translates to £58.24, they are now taking pre-orders for 2016.

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