'Daytime Rebels' Schon! Magazine

I've been a bit busy the past few weeks with going away on holiday and finally moving into my new flat! Following all of this, I'm pretty chuffed to see that a photoshoot I was able to assist on for Schon! Magazine has now gone live. 

'Daytime Rebels' is a Schon! online editorial and all about carefree youth produced by an amazing team including photographer Tyler Morris, styling by Francesca Prudente, make-up Fiona Rose, hair styling Kristopher Smith and models Ed Hayter from Models1 and Tia Benbow-Hart from Supa Model Management.

Here's a few of the photos below and if you'd like to check out the whole thing, then head over to Schon! Magazine by clicking here.

Tia wears: Dress - Coach, Jacket - Adidas. Ed wears: Jumper - Margaret Howell. 

Tia wears: Jackets - Adidas

Ed wears: Polo - Cos, Jacket - Fred Perry

Tia wears: Dress - Calvin Klein, Hat - H&M

Ed wears: Jumper - Coach

Tia wears: Coat, Polo Neck and Skirt by Topshop Unique

Ed wears: Jacket & Jumper by Topman Design

Tia wears: Dress - Lacoste, Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood. Ed wears: Jacket, Jumper & Trousers by Topman Design.

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