Let's Get Organised

I'm going to put my hands up; I have been terrible on the blog post front. I said to myself when the New Year came round that I would post more and set time aside. January has flown by and my main focus has been not giving in to my vice - smoking. It has now officially been over a month since I had my last cigarette! In that time I have been trying to keep myself distracted but with little organisation of the things I would like to achieve.

I love my phone for keeping me up to date with appointments (when I've had the time and initiative to put them in my calendar) but there's just some things which for me, I need to see in front of me, pen and paper. I've already seen several people speak positively of these and I'm one of them as well - a weekly planner pad for your desk.

Kikki-K 'Minimalist' Weekly Planner Pad

Kikki-K is a fantastic stationary business influenced by Swedish design with a store now in London. They offer a range of planner pads from the Minimalist weekly planner at just £6.00 to ones for those wanting to get organised with studying or even diet. As someone who is often highly anxious, I need routine in my day-to-day life and sometimes that little nudge to stop me from procrastinating - a weekly planner helps me with just that. 

A website I have used several times for finding original items is Not On The High Street and if you do a quick search for 'planner pad' you'll be surprised with just how many come up. I particularly liked the Brushstrokes planner by Nancy & Betty Studio for a mere £3.00! Their selection of original cards are also pretty adorable. 

Nancy & Betty 'Brushstrokes' and 'Monochrome Floral' Weekly Planner Pad

I'm someone due to working a mixture of days and nights, who can easily get confused with what day it is. Yep, at nearly 25 years old I forget what day it is. In my previous post about Desk Spaces, I spoke about the Habitat Flap Clock which I hoped would help solve this issue. I had an unfortunate experience where I picked up a design fault and wasn't entirely sure whether I made the right decision when my parents asked me what I'd like for Christmas and I said the Habitat Clock. Surprisingly, it looks like Habitat has listened to customer reviews (the turning mechanism for the city part of the clock was made of plastic and had a tendency to snap) and found a resolution for the issue. Now the cities come screwed into position (note the cities are now where the date is on the one below) and I couldn't be happier with my clock. 

Habitat Flap Clock sourced from Urbnite

I had planned on purchasing a wall calendar if the Habitat clock lets me down again. From my blog it's easy to see my love for minimalist design which is why it's easy to see why the Standing Calendar attracted me.

Stendig Calendar - www.apartmenttherapy.com

Maximo Vignelli's design is one that has withstood the test of design, it continues to be a favourite among interior enthusiastic and businesses. I decided to miss out on the opportunity to get one for this year as I figured I had my clock to keep in me in check (and not enough wall space for one). If you're hoping to snap one up though, sadly now they all appear to be sold out. 

Now, I read that one of the ways to organise yourself is by decluttering regularly and giving everything a home. This is something I definitely need to get in the habit of. I have officially run out of hangers for clothes in my wardrobe that I am now in the predicament of ordering more or actually going through all the boxes of clothes under my bed and throwing some away to make room for the excess - this is probably what I should do but it's finding the time. Something I have promised myself that I will do is order a Le Sac En Papier for the corner of mine and my boyfriend's room where we chuck all our dirty clothes so it's hidden behind the door. It's a simple and stylish alternative to generally just having clothes lying on the floor for just £8.50. I will say to make us look less grubby that we do actually have a linen basket but that has sort of been taken over by more excess clothes of mine....can see the issue now can't  you! Head over to pea {style} where you snap up this effortlessly stylish bargain.

Le Sac En Papier from pea {style}

The final resource which I am using to get myself that little bit more organised is the Unroll.Me app. I am someone who in the past has signed up to far too many emails and have lost my account to the dreaded weekly, almost daily, updates from different things which the majority now are not relevant to me. Amongst this emails which are important to me get lost and this is where Unroll.Me comes in. Unroll.Me is an app which you simply download and subscribe (for free of course) and then it will take you through some steps. You can decide with one click which emails you wish to unsubscribe to, ones you want to digest into one email and as they call it a 'roll up' which they will send you for the whole day. I can't recommend this more to anyone else suffering from those unwanted emails and without the time to sit there and click through all the unsubscribe questions.

Unroll.Me - https://unroll.me

**For some reason I've been having issues with Blogger e.g crediting photos and the font size staying the same (apologies for the normal to small font if anyone noticed haha) - anyone else having the same issue?

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